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Here are a few answers to some of the more common questions that we receive or that you may have.
Q: Is the control unit waterproof?

A: No. They are water resistant meaning they can take a little water but can not be submerged. We recommend mounting the control unit under your seat, trunk or a fairing that will shield the box from moisture. For people that absolutely have to mount it in an exposed area, you can place a piece of electrical tape over the program hole (after you have programmed) and that will seal your Mo-Door from all water. 
Q: What are the safety features of Mo-Door?

A: Our units are made with circuit boards that utilize the latest in rolling code technology, meaning that once you have paired your Mo-Door to your garage door opener, it is paired until you reprogram it to another. Our systems will never be the weak link in your homes security. 
Q: Why am I not getting as much range from my remote as I think I should get?

A: Our remotes have all the power to send a signal 100+ feet. We even have customers that have gotten as much at 2 blocks of range! That being said, there are a few things that you can do to change transmission length and improve your range. 

Things that hurt your range:

LED (light-emitting diode) and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs, with their low energy use, have become more commonly used as incandescent light bulbs are phased out to improve energy efficiency. However, one side effect of LED bulbs is that they can potentially limit the range of garage door opener remote controls used for almost any brand of garage door opener. Read more here: LED Garage Door Lights

Some of the new garage doors are so good at sealing things out that they can block upwards of 70% of the signal broadcast. Purchasing a Garage Door that has windows will help transmission.  

There are a few frequencies that are found in neighborhoods that are known to mess with the signals broadcast by our remotes. Rarely are you able determine where they come from and are usually harder to get rid of. It could be coming from a neighbors house or a power line and in general they are unfortunately just "the way they are" and there is not much you can do about them. 

Things you can do to make sure you maximize your range:
Installing your Mo-Door with the wire facing towards the front of your bike will give you the most possible range facing forward and placing it facing it reverse will give you the most facing backwards, so install your unit the way that will work best for you. 

There are some antennas made for specifically boosting range on Garage Door Openers. If you are not getting at least 30 feet of reception (from all of your openers) then this could be an option for you. Read more here: Mo-Door Antenna
Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: Our units use a 4 year battery. There are a lot of variables that change this number. We have a few units that have lasted longer than 5 years with a good majority of the batteries lasting more than 4. Anytime you start experiencing a drastic signal loss please simply swap out the old battery (by removing the back of the case) or contact us for the necessary information to return your unit for a free battery and refreshment, all you have to pay for is shipping. 
Please be patient with us while we are working through COVID. We ARE processing orders but are not always quick to respond to emails and phone calls at the moment. We are not Amazon, we do not quote time frames on turn around and because of manpower and supply issues we are processing orders at a much slower rate. We are a small company that has always taken pride in our work and customer service which is still true today, but please understand that we deal with issues daily that are making "normal" business a little more difficult.