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*Note that while some switches are water proof it is recommended that the control module be mounted in a place that will not see much moisture. If you have no other options but to mount module in an exposed area its best to cover the program hole with a piece of electrical tape. 
Factory OEM Switches
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Aftermarket universal switches
Because our tranmitters are universal, all you have to do is pick the cord length and switch that you want to use to               activate your Mo-Door. We offer several different switches for pretty much every aplication that you can think of. Get              creative or simply install something that no one even knows it there! All of our switches include the transmitter                      box. 
One other thing that`s pretty cool about Mo-Door is that one control box can operate up to two different doors      and gates! Meaning that you can have one button for work and one for your home. This is a really cool             feature for people that have multiple access points during their ride. Contact us for more information!