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Fairing Bikes
On bikes with fairings we offer a push button switch that requires a 1/4" hole to be drilled. We use a small vary low profile switch that once installed is really hard to see. Switches are weather proof but on bikes that will be occasionally be stored out in the elements we recommend placing the switch in a place that is protected from water and heat. 
Bikes Without Fairings
For bikes that do not have fairings (and for customers not wanting to drill a hole in their fairing) we offer 2 waterproof switchs that can be mounted to frames and just about anything else you can think of. These switches are more resistant to the elements and are recommended for bikes that are stored outside for long periods of time. Switches simply mount with weatherproof 3M tape.   
*Mo-Door is in no way responsible for damages resulting from installation or use to you or your bike. We stand 100% behind the quality of our product and offer a limited lifetime exchange warranty. Please be safe when operating your motorcycle and using your Mo-Door!
For the rider that that wants a clean OEM look this is where you stop! These are the same switches used on many bikes odometer cycle buttons and when installed in the right spot no one will know the difference!