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*Mo-Door is in no way responsible for damages resulting from installation or use to you or your bike. We stand 100% behind the quality of our product and offer a 1 year exchange warranty. Please be safe when operating your motorcycle and using your Mo-Door!
Our universal Mo-Door remotes work with 99% of all garage doors that were manufactured after 1995. If you have a newer opener that has a learn/program button our remotes will work with your door! Every Mo-Door comes with programming instructions that will walk you through the simple process of pairing your remote with your garage door. 
No wiring to your bikes electrical system or headlights! 
Fully independent systems that operate on a replaceable 4 year battery! Our remotes DO NOT require a separate box to be wired to your existing garage
door motor, instead they program directly to it. Programming and
installation can take as little as 10 minutes!
Before ordering please take a look at your garage door opener motor and locate
the learn/program button on it. By comparing its color to the list below you will ensure compatibility with our remotes.  
Overhead Door®
Master Mechanics®
True Value®
Mo-Door remotes are compatible with the following garage door manufactures:
Don`t see a learn button on your garage door motor? Don`t worry! We have dip switch models available as well but you will need to contact us for more information!