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Please take a look at the following information before ordering:

1. Make of garage door
2. Year the garage door opener was manufactured or the color of the "learn" button found on the garage door motor. Genie openers are not color specific. 
3. Once you have located the learn button or manufacturer and year please check for compatibility on our compatibility chart. Mo-Door remotes are universal and will program to 99% of the listed compatible openers. *with the exception of newer Genie openers ie 7055, 3055, 3053, 3035, 2055. Genie is changing some of their technology. If you have one of these openers please order from this page NEW GENIE.

For orders to Canada please click here!
2303 Industrial Waterproof Switch
Wire Length
2302 Micro Waterproof Switch
Wire Length
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Factory HD Switch
Wire Length
Victory Factory
Wire Length
Wire Length