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Mo-Door Antenna Kit
Have you ever thought "I wish my garage door remotes worked from further away"? Does it only work when you pull right up to your garage door? Well we have a simple solution that takes about 30 minutes to install and extends your garage door communication by a TON! It really is crazy how much range you can add by simply adding our Mo-Door Antenna. The cool part is while you are extending your Mo-Doors range, you will also be extending every transmitter that you have! WIN WIN

PLEASE NOTE: We have recently seen a LOT of range and transmission issues because of LED lights (even high quality LED headlights). If you are experiencing short range and have LED light bulbs non either your garage door motor or motorcycle this might be the issue. We do offer Garage Door opener LED lights that are proven to not interfere with our frequency transmission HERE.
Our Mo-Door Antenna kits will work with any garage door that has an external antenna. Factory antennas typically come out of the back end of the motor and hang down 6"-8". 
Mo-Door Antenna kits include the following:
1 Directional Whip Antenna
1 Female to Female Coax connector used for connecting Antenna to Coax
1 Polyurethane Washer (to eliminate any grounding interference)
1 Mounting Bracket
15 Feet of Coax Cable