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We are the only company offering the ability to open and close both your gate AND garage door from a single switch that`s designed specifically for your Spyder. Simply put, the S1 & S2 garage door remotes from Mo-Door will make coming and going a simple, hassle free process!
After speaking with several Spyder owners it was clear that they wanted a garage door option for their dash so we developed an OEM product that allows the opening of one garage door (S1 Model) or a combination of two gate or garage doors (S2 Model). This is a great addition to the RT, RS, RSS, GS, and ST models (click HERE if you own a F3). Please note: this is somewhat time consuming and may require a Dremel if no open slots are available. Not compatible with 2020+ models.
Please check compatibility chart and make sure that your garage door manufacture is on the list. If you are planning on using this setup to operate your gate YOU MUST contact us before ordering to insure compatibility. 
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